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Meet the Team

Forest Trees

Meet Jaz and Leah, the founders of SENDsenses.

We met at a specialised school and instantly connected with our shared love and passion for nature connection, working with children as well as supporting mental health and wellbeing.

We saw the lack of support for children with additional needs and their families, which inspired us to create SENDsenses.

With our backgrounds in special yoga and experience in working with children, we wanted to create sessions that promote mindfulness, providing a nurturing environment where children and families can thrive, finding a safe, non-judgemental space. We understand the importance of sensory stimulation and incorporate it into our sessions to help children explore and engage. With our love for being in nature, we wanted to offer unique outdoor experiences that allow children to connect with nature and engage with their body, mind and senses in a calming way.

SENDsenses is special to us both because it creates a safe space where people are able to feel seen, understood and included.

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