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1:1 Nature Session


Providing 1:1 multi-sensory nature sessions for children with SEND and/or SEMH.
The aim of these sessions is to learn how to self regulate our emotions by connecting back into the body through mindfulness, specialised yoga, breath-work  and nature connection, improving mental health and wellbeing. We spend time supporting each child, ensuring they feel safe, respected and listened too, customising each session to support each child's needs and abilities, helping each child find moments of calm and happiness and a place to fully be themselves. 

Why 1:1?

Children can feel as if they don't belong or struggle to find a place where they can fully be themselves, this allows them to explore their feelings with a safe and trusted person who will support their needs. 

Being Outdoors

Being immersed in nature brings a sense of calm and a wide sensory experience. Nature encourages physical benefits but also a sense of freedom, to be messy and noisy, creative and imaginative.

Self regulation

Learning tools of self regulation to help combat general anxieties, using the nature around us as well as the nature within us to cultivate some inner calm.

Parent/carer rest-bite

1:1 allows the parent/carer to drop off and find some time for themselves. Encouraging parent/carer rest-bite. We invite parents to stay for the first session.

In our 1:1 sessions, we prioritise getting to know your child and tailoring our support to their specific needs. Therefore, we start with a phone consultation or meeting to gather more information about your child. Following that, we invite your child to come and visit The Orchard, allowing them to determine if it is the right fit for them. We believe in creating a personalised and child-centered approach, and we look forward to discussing how we can best assist your child.


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