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The Orchard


At SENDsenses, we believe in the healing power of nature and this is why our sessions are held at our exciting new location, THE ORCHARD. 


Our mindful walks through The Orchard provide ample opportunity for you to ground yourself and connect with the wildlife around you, whilst getting plenty of fresh air. We offer guided meditation activities that are carefully curated to match the peaceful and serene backdrop of nature. Our sessions are designed to help you disconnect from the stressful world around you, tune into the present moment and tap into your senses connecting your body and mind. Join us and experience the restorative power of mindfulness and nature!

Why do we work outdoors?

Sense of freedom, the physical activity, the calming effect of the trees and nature, it can spark creativity and imagination, sensory play with mud/soil, water, sand and also the weather offers a sensory experience, when it rains, the clouds, if it’s windy. Being aware of the weather and if it’s too hot to find some shade. Being outdoors there are going to be hazards however, this will help children identify risks and allow them to make mistakes to learn from.


What’s a sensory walk?

Where we create a mindful walking experience. Walking and tapping into all of your senses, looking at the different fractures in the trees and leaves, the twigs and ground. Listening out for birds, the rustling of leaves and wind, smelling a flower or the herb garden, touching the tree trunks, tasting a blackberry.

Why do we incorporate bare foot trails?

For balance, posture, bringing awareness to the feet brings you out into a more present feeling, the feet hold thousands of nerve endings on the soles of the feet, making them a sensitive area to touch, so having different textures to walk over creates a sensory experience. 


Where to find us...

The Orchard, Church Lane, Portbury, BS20 7TR

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